COVID-19 Services in a Changing and Dynamic Environment

CDT provides a wide range of COVID-19 Services to clients nationwide. Whether it is testing kits, lab access, collections staff, ordering physician, or a combination of all of these, CDT can provide the services needed to keep your work environment safe.

Ensuring good health and safety

Keeping your employees, vendors, visiting customers, and overall environment as safe as possible

COVID-19 Testing Kits

  • Lab-based PCR testing using saliva kits or nasal swabs
  • Rapid antigen kits that can be used anywhere for testing
  • Rapid PCR kits that can be used outside of a lab setting
  • Rapid antibody kits

Collection Services

  • Manage on-site collections for clients across the country
  • Provide logistical support, supplies, and shipping (if needed) to support testing
  • Leverage technology to make the process as smooth as possible

Lab access

  • Relationships with numerous labs with capacity to ensure 24 hour turnaround for results reporting.

Overall program management

  • Provide results management services, ordering physician services, and other logistical and administrative support