CDT has managed
programs for
more than 30 years.

We are a pioneer in all aspects of the athlete anti-doping movement, offering unparalleled professionalism, service, and compliance. Our network of highly trained doping control officers (DCOs) along with our dedicated program management staff combine to provide the industry benchmark for quality, integrity, and efficiency.

solutions for your organization

We provide a full suite of services to manage your antidoping program

Program Administration

CDT staff can manage all aspects of your testing program. Our expert team has more than 80 years of experience managing anti-doping programs. We offer the following administrative services:

  • Random selection of athletes for testing
  • Event scheduling services
  • Results management
  • Specimen tracking
  • Secure technology platform to manage the process
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Education
  • Therapeutic Use Exemption Management

Specimen Collections

CDT doping control officers (DCOs), or Collectors, are selected after going through a rigorous recruiting, vetting, and training program. Our DCOs are also subject to regular audits and are required to complete an annual training and re-certification program. CDT DCOs use a mobile program to manage the on-site collection process. CDT DCOs’ professionalism, adherence to procedure and policy, and their ability to maintain confidentiality are all hallmarks of our team.

  • CDT performs collections across the globe. Our international coverage supports our clients, wherever athletes may be
  • CDT DCOs perform urine, blood, and oral fluid testing in support of our clients

Laboratory Analysis

CDT partners with WADA-accredited laboratories to perform the anti-doping testing of specimens. We seamlessly integrate with our lab partners, ensuring the specimen testing is as efficient as possible.

Substance of Abuse Testing

While anti-doping testing gets most of the attention with Sports Testing, substance of abuse testing is an important part of a complete testing program. This testing promotes health and safety, providing additional support to our clients and the athletes.

Our Antidoping Testing Clients

The most respected folks in the sports industry trust us.

Client Testimony

"CDT is a valuable Partner to Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association. For decades, MLB and the MLBPA have jointly relied on CDT to conduct urine and blood specimen collections under our Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program and other MLB Drug Programs. In conjunction with our Independent Program Administrator and our Laboratory Partner, CDT's unwavering support has allowed our Joint Drug Program to grow into one of the most robust and advanced antidoping policies in professional sports. CDT is committed to providing high quality and reliable services to all clients, and I would strongly endorse them to other professional or amateur sports organizations who are looking for a partner in promoting and maintaining a drug free environment and a level playing field."
Jonathon D. Coyles, Vice President Drug, Health & Safety Programs, Major League Baseball

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